The Ukrainian design studio was founded by Sergey and Alexander Gotvyansky in 2008.
We design private houses, apartments, as well as public rooms and hotel complexes, followed by the project implementation

Interior Design

We implement interior design of any complexity: from apartments and country houses to shops and office space.
We provide:
- high-quality and complete drawing set with visualization of facilities and engineering study of all necessary components.
- selection of finishing materials and furniture
- free designer supervision
- an integrated approach to the project implementation including finishing and furniture manufacturing

Architectural Design

We design private houses.
During this process we pay attention not only to exterior of a house, but also its planning concept.
We create an ideal canvas for future interiors using space planning decisions for the house.
This is a shape where it's easy to create custom and quality interiors. That is why we offer a substantial discount on the development of interior design of a private house.

Construction and decorations

Working in close dialogue with architects and designers, we develop the technology of construction operations at the design stage.
We have the possibility to eliminate unfinished components at the design stage not in the process of construction, doing a full range of services from design to construction.
Due to it we protect a customer from routine work giving them the opportunity to enjoy the the most pleasant process of creation
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